The Twentieth Day

The big children asked me what day they should be on in their devotional books today and I realized as I counted the days from the Third Sunday in Lent that we are halfway through Lent.

This week has been slow. I came down with a cold over the weekend and one by one the children joined me. We haven’t done any school and for a couple of days I figured we were doing well if everyone got fed, and some general tidying got done each day!

Of course that means that stuff piles up and pretty soon those of use who don’t react well to visual clutter are feeling STRESSED!

So yesterday we started resetting the house from the current chaos point. Mouse did a bunch of laundry- five loads I think. I found the floor of my bedroom again. The boys worked on cleaning up toys and books. I ran the dishwasher several times. All the stuff that piles up without regular daily tidying.

There’s still a bunch to do. The schoolroom filled its other function (guest room) on Saturday night and I needed to do a bunch of filing anyway so there’s still a bunch of clutter to clear away there.

Plus I’m realizing that Number Five arrives in just eight weeks and I probably ought to pull out some baby clothes and do a few other things.

But my brain is still on stuffed-up-with-snot-slow and I need a nap every day (or at least a lay down) so we’re just doing a little bit at a time.

Plugging and plodding away seems to be the theme of this Lent. Doing the next thing, whatever that is, and trusting that the fruit will show in good time…

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