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Been reflecting lately on why we homeschool. It’s hard sometimes and definitely uses time that could be used for something else but we still find ourselves doing it year after year…


So why?

  • For the good days when everything just flows and the students are eager to learn and the teacher is blessed with patience and we get to spend three hours enjoying each other’s minds…
  • For the bad days when the students would rather do anything else and the teacher is grouchy and we get to spend three hours growing each other in holiness…..
  • For the opportunity to learn how to relate to people at different ages and abilities, ?bigs giving grace to interrupting littles and little learning to respect the bigs working time and concentration
  • For the chance to learn strengths and build on them from the beginning
  • For the space to turn weaknesses into strengths through patience and practice without making weaknesses the major focus of schooling
  • For the ability to find the things that interest us and follow them through multiple disciplines
  • For the way we can stop and spend time on things of great interest or on things that are hard without “falling behind” the rest of the class
  • For the opportunity to address attitude across academics and homelife without wondering if the attitude is coming from school or peers
  • For the chance to do things a little differently with each student until we find their best learning environment

I could probably go on but those are the first things on my mind this morning…..

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