Why I LOVE Sheet Protectors

The other day my shopping partner and I took the children and went to Sam’s Club (yes, I know it’s a big box store but buying things cheaply there that I can’t get locally, frees up my budget for things I can get locally). While there I stopped in the office supply section and bought a box of 200 sheet protectors.

a lifetime supply?

Sheet Protectors and some applications

“What, “she said “are you going to do with 200 sheet protectors? Isn’t that a lifetime supply?”

“Not really, “I replied” I use a lot of sheet protectors.”

Then I thought “I really ought to blog about this.”

So here are things I use sheet protectors for:

Protecting my schedule and other things on the fridge. I usually tape these up as magnets tend to slowly slip down the fridge.

Daily Schedule

Making books for the children of things they’ve studied. Here’s one Su and I did for the letters of the alphabet.

Of course we used a pink folder!

Su's Alphabet book cover

Each letter had an excercise that went with it, these are just the sound pictures.

Su's Alphabet book inside.

Organizing Lesson Plans, also organizing Garden Plans. Being able to wipe any dirt smudges off without ruining something is a big plus. Also you can write on sheet protectors with wet erase markers which makes them great for making changes as you go.

This was for last year.

I love the flexibility of being able to remove and edit things.

Organizing the children’s papers; I just started doing this, I put all of their loose papers for a week’s worth of school into sheet protectors inside a three ring binder. They can find their papers and even do schoolwork with minimal oversight, and everything goes back in when they’re done for me to look over later.

One completed paper and one in progress: easy to see what's next.

F's School Binder with papers ready to go.

Organizing Unit Studies: I print out the new material, coloring pages etc. once a week, load it into the notebook for that subject and we’re all set when we need the pages. I actually want to add pencil pouches to these notebooks so I can put a glue stick, brads etc. in each notebook.

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