Almost Finished!

It’s the little things that are holding me up now. The “where do I put this?” stuff that doesn’t really fit into any of the existing categories, but I still need to keep around.

Every room has been gone through, vast piles of things have left the house- either to go into storage until needed, or donated or thrown away.

I still need to move a very large credenza downstairs and out of the house for donation. Clean off the front porch where I’ve been storing some things until I figure out what to do with them. Go through the bookshelves one more time.

I need to add a couple of small endtables- one in our room and one downstairs. Build a little bench/toy cubby for the playroom- that’s a project for F and I one afternoon. Come up with a good floor covering for the playroom, right now I have some random carpet scraps in there but I’m leaning towards some of those bright colored foam floor tiles that daycares use.

Put up some hooks for coats and hats. All small things that need to be done and take time to do.

I have been taking pictures and will post them sometime in the next week or so…

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