Clarifying: Thoughts on Science

Yesterday I wrote my mother an email asking about some ideas she’d mentioned to me about a science course for elementary school.

I wrote:

“I think that the science that is available is either too focused on “Evolution is bad” or on “learn lots of facts” – not bad things to touch on but there is no joy there and I think that as Christians thinking about science that we have to start with the joy and the wonder. We know that God rejoices in His creation and we need to communicate that. I keep looking at Science curricula and saying ” but the children really enjoy science now- this would be so dull, where’s the sparkle to spark their passion?”

Later I thought ” Well that is really the heart of what’s been bothering me about the science that I look at online or at the convention! Something’s been bothering me and I haven’t been able to identify it,no I know. I see all of these exciting, fun and interesting materials for history but the science materials aren’t about science for the wonder of science. They are either about filling children’s heads with facts, or teaching them how to argue against evolution. I can’t use those curricula they would crush my children’s appreciation of the wonder…”

So now what?

Edited to add: Everything is full of wonder to the preschooler but somewhere in the educational process (whether you choose homeschooling, public, or private schooling does not seem to matter) the wonder is crushed out of them (or perhaps boredom does it). I’m unwilling to settle for that…K

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