Homeschooling In A Time Of Pandemic

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! I closed our co-op on March 12th with four weeks left in the term. At the time I assumed we would be able to open again in late April but I am feeling somewhat skeptical about that now.

We are staying very much closer to home than we normally  do and I am trying to move some of my co-op classes online so that we can finish out the year, and students can have some semblance of normalcy.

My little kids are feeling the pinch of not seeing their friends a couple of times a week, so we are trying out Google Hangouts as a way to have virtual playdates! Yesterday Daisy and a friend showed each other their Playmobil and Lego creations and today, Jack and a friend will try doing an art project “together” via the internet.

The bigger kids are going to have a virtual youth group meeting tonight. The freezer is stocked and Stuart just inventoried the canned goods so while the food may get weird at points I think we can go on for quite a while and not have to leave the house and yard.

These days I am mostly over on the Sticks, Stones, and Chicken Bones FB page and group, where I am doing live videos as well as links to Zoom meetings for virtual classes. I am hoping to also start a regular evening Zoom chat for moms as we need to socialize as well.

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation (9 months until Christmas!) so we will either have breakfast for supper (waffles are associated with the Virgin Mary?) or more likely a pizza to support our local pizza shop (owned by our neighbor a block over).

What are you doing to keep up morale and celebrate the joys in life?

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