Rainy Week

It’s been raining all week here. The yard is good and muddy (it’s impossible to grow grass in the back as high traffic as it is with three children running about, digging holes etc.). I put mulch and straw down in the fall so it will dry out fairly quickly once the rain stops. I keep looking at the forecast hoping that we are due for some sunshine but it looks like this is the weather until the weekend at least.

Buggle and Mouse were able to go out for a bit this morning, as it was only drizzling. I have to keep Bull indoors. There is a very large puddle at the end of the alley across the street which bears an irresistible attraction to a three year old! The others are pretty good about staying out of the puddle unless they have permission to be in it. He charges for it as soon as I let him out the door.

Sometimes in the summer I do let them play in it. Summer downpours are also good for floating boats in flow along the edge of the street as long as the boats don’t get as far as the storm drain! Today, though the temperature isn’t supposed to get above 45F and I just can’t imagine letting them get wet and muddy. Kind of inconsistent really because I would let them go out and play in the snow which would be just as wet and much colder…

Anyway we have been doing a lot of large-scale playing this week. You know, the kind of playing in which every toy is taken out and included in the game. The house looks a little ragged around the edges as a result (and Jack was sick at the beginning of the week which meant I was generally holding him). I think after naps we’ll have to hit a few extra jobs in order to get it tidy again.

The two big children started a swim class this week. They are very excited about it and the little boys go to the “playroom” at the gym during that time, so I can work out a little (a very little at the moment). If it still raining tomorrow we may go over there and run around one of the basketball courts for a while. It’s a pity someone doesn’t have an indoor space for riding bikes.

I have been working on projects some related to school and others to the house, sewing etc. The master bedroom is the last space that really needs to be cleared but I will have to wait until S is home on Saturday to work on that.

And now (Thursday evening) it is snowing. There is great excitement (or was before bedtime) over the prospect of playing in the snow tomorrow. School is pretty much done for the week, so they will be able to indulge in lots of chilly fun. Perhaps I’ll get some sewing done…..

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