Readers in the House (and What We’re Reading These Days)

Last night I was folding laundry, while S (who had come home a little early) made supper. F was still working on his chores but Su had finished hers and came to me with the inevitable “What can I do?”.

“A quiet evening activity, “I replied,” Puzzles, color, or read a book.”

“Read a book!.” she said, and went running off to get a book she had never read before. I had her sit near me so I could prompt her if necessary (mostly by reminding her to “sound-out” words she didn’t know) and she read two little stories to herself before deciding to just look at the pictures. Not quite reading independently but she will be soon!

Here’s a brief list of some of the things we’re reading around here these days:

The Boxcar Children: this was a Christmas present to the children. F could read it to himself but instead I try to read a chapter to them while they eat lunch. I expect most of it goes over W’s head, but he does listen and get some of it because he will comment on the story.

Little Golden Books (non-Disney): We have a pretty good collection, and I keep my eyes open at thrift stores and sales. F can read any of them and Su can read the easier ones. They have a good proportion of pictures to text for early readers and are more interesting than many “easy reader” type books.

I Can Read books: We like Little Bear and Frog and Toad (though I do think Frog and Toad can be rather rude to each other). I like to read these before the children do just to be sure there’s nothing objectionable.

I expect F to transition to chapter books sometime this summer and have started collecting biographies (Childhood of Famous Americans), and other books I remember enjoying as a child. Some of these I’ll probably read aloud to the children while others I’ll just give them as they are ready to read them.

Since we finally got a playhouse up in the backyard I’m planning to make a reading area on the roof (it’s flat) with some waterproof cushions. The playhouse is in the shade and should be a nice place to read and relax.

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