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I had a doctor’s appointment today and realized after talking to her that I’m getting down to the wire. Thirteen weeks until baby number 4 makes his or her appearance! I have so much to do….

Cooking: I want to cook some things ahead so that we have meals or parts of meals ready to go. I know some friends and church folks are planning to bring in some meals just after the baby comes but I want to have some things for that point about six weeks in when we’ve just had a long day or a bad night and being able to that something and heat it up would be wonderful. I’m planning to cook and freeze a turkey and also some pasta sauce…any other ideas?

Sewing:I’m still working on some dresses for the “ever more long-legged” Su! I like her to start the summer with six dresses or so and I think I have 1.5 dresses made so I need to get on this.

Garden: Yup, spring is coming and I have some planting to do. Early May is actually a good time for a baby since I’ll have planted the early stuff and can wait until the end of the month to do the later stuff.

Child Training: I want to teach W to walk in parking lots and stores while holding F or Su’s hand instead of mine. He does really well walking with me but that may not always work. Plus I need him to be OK with one of them buckling and unbuckling his seatbelt, washing his face etc. I don’t expect them to need to do this often but right now he pitches a fit when they try, so I need to work on this area…

I think that’s all I have but I’m sure something else will crop up…

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  1. Sue says:

    On the cooking front, here are some ready to eat meals that freeze well. While they’re somewhat meat centric, you can obviously easily swap that out:

    Meatballs (both Italian & Swedish)
    Rouladen (prepped but not cooked)
    Stock in 16 oz portions for soup (vegetable, fish, beef, chicken, turkey, ham, tomato)
    Potatoes Au Gratin
    Shredded Chicken/Pork/Beef portioned into servings

    Let me know and I’m happy to contribute!

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