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Pleasant Places

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6 (NASB) This first summer in New England continues to amaze and delight me. Warm, but not hot and humid days, cool nights, … Continue reading

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Construction Truck Preschool

This post contains affiliate links. Bull is all boy and lately he’s been completely fascinated by trucks of all kinds. When they started building a new house on our street that fascination became an obsession with all things construction, and … Continue reading

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Shopping With The Mouse

Some people in my family have a shopping gene. They love to shop and some of them actually love to buy stuff. I didn’t get it. I shop with a list, I go to two or three stores where I … Continue reading

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Talking with someone the other day and she asked me “Do you think you’ll have more children?” “Jack’s not a baby anymore.” I said. “But you’re so busy and the children are so wearying. Do you really think you should? … Continue reading

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An Evening At The Park

Earlier this week the weather was warm and nice. S had an evening meeting so after dinner the children and I went to the little park across the street. It is almost impossible to take still photos of the big … Continue reading

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A New Week

After last week which began with W spending two days cranky and congested with allergies and ended with him hitting his head and being taken to the doctor, I’m almost afraid to plan this week at all! I have to … Continue reading

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Joy Dare: February 2 & 3

For February 2: Three things overheard – all gifts Su on the couch with Go Dogs Go reading it to W and making him repeat the words after her. “I’m teaching him to read.” she said. F in his room … Continue reading

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Joy Dare: February 1

I’m trying to participate in Ann Voskamp’s February Joy Dare listing three things that brought joy each day. Yesterday’s challenge was to notice these things at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm: 11:30 am: Finishing the errand running for … Continue reading

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Conversations with F

Lately F and I have been having theological discussions. They often have to do with the “how” of things… No Hands? “How, ” he asks me frequently, ” could God hold the world if he doesn’t have any hands?” “Well, … Continue reading

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Well this was the first of the busy four weekends – no wait – it’s actually five that we have between now and the end of January! Friday S was off work and the big children and I went to … Continue reading

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