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Thoughts on Many Things

I’ve been thinking a good deal about the Latin word discipulus these last few days. It means student and is where the words disciple and discipline come from. In no particular order: If students are also disciples then they are supposed to imitate the teacher. What … Continue reading

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Take Heed That Ye Offend Not

As we think about parenting and the formation of the children, it is helpful to look at the places where Christ interacts with children and speaks about them in the Gospels. Really we find only a little bit here but … Continue reading

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Persons or Collections?

In considering the concept that “Children are born persons” we naturally have to consider the ways in which we perceive the children in our lives. There is a natural tendency to see the them as a groups: the big kids, … Continue reading

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Are You Savouring Your “Tiny Moments”? Do You Know Where To Find Them?

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This past summer has been hard for so many of us! Long, hot, and filled with turmoil at home, in the political scene, and for us, Catholics, in our church as allegations and accusations fly. We are about to begin … Continue reading

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Creativity and Covenant- The Theme Of The Year

Over the summer I had the opportunity to spend some time reading and thinking about life in general and about how to approach what I think of as the “middle years”.  Here we are in many ways past the “household … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Live With Chaos

  The last week or so had been rough! Not only has Daisy turned into a major chaos maker, as she conquers the task of mobility, but our renovation project finished and I’ve been trying to put the basement back … Continue reading

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(This post contains affiliate links) Funny how something I’ve been reading and something I hear can come together into a new set of thoughts and even the beginning inklings of an adjustment in direction. I recently finished Clay Clarkson’s Heartfelt … Continue reading

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Some Encouraging and Challenging Thoughts

I spent last weekend at a conference and this week has been spent in getting everyone back on schedule and trying to process all that I learned before it trickles out of my brain! I’ve had some thought provoking conversations … Continue reading

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The Floor and My Brain

During these days after J’s birth, my friend L and I have been concentrating on organizing and purging the house. When we moved here almost two years ago, I purged a lot of things rather than move them, and have … Continue reading

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A Way of Life

Yesterday’s Epistle reading was from Ephesians Chapter 2, a familiar passage about being saved by faith and not by works. I noticed something though that I had read but not really noticed before… I’m used to the King James Version … Continue reading

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