An Alternate Ending To Kipling’s Elephant’s Child

Backstory: The Just So Stories are a great favorite around here and the Elephant’s Child is probably the one we love the most. Bull thinks it’s very funny for me to pretend to be the crocodile and (gently) bite his nose! Also the other day he and I had a long conversation about boa constrictors!


Last night bull brought me his elephant puppet so I could be the crocodile. I held the puppet by it’s trunk in my teeth.

Bull: “I am the rock snake! I am going to rescue the elephant’s child!”

He snatched the elephant out of my mouth and threw it to safety across the room. Then he put his arms around me and squeezed as hard as he could.

Bull: “I’m going to squeeze the crocodile and break its bones!”

Me: “Like a boa constrictor?”

Bull: “Yes, and I’m going to eat the crocodile for dinner!”

He spent several minutes alternately squeezing me to “break the crocodile’s bones all up” and making eating noises!

Apparently he thought the Bi-colored Python Rock Snake should have done more for the Elephant’s Child!

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