Celebrating the Year (Turning of Time)

Last year my mother called on my birthday (late August).

“It’s the end of late summer.” she said ” I always think of that line when I think of your birthday.”

And it is the end of late summer. Yesterday the wind was blowing in that particular way that tells me that the sky will be bluer and less humid than it has been in months, and that cooler weather is right around the corner.

Yesterday we had our weekly open house supper and had the second annual “Celebration of the Tomato” themed meal, which only occurs at this time of year when the vendors at the farmer’s market have more tomatoes than they can easily sell and will sell cheaply or give away the damaged ones. It’s a bittersweet celebration as it means that soon there won’t be any more fresh tomatoes and we’ll have to rely on canned until the spring.

In another week or so I’ll take F for his school physical and shopping for school clothes. Another turning- as? he steps from being home with me all day every day to going to school five mornings a week. I’m really not to sure I’ll be able to get along without my right hand although I’m glad to see him maturing in these ways. Since he will start school on the same day as our weekly supper, I think I’ll have to have a back to school themed meal that week, and celebrate that too.

It seems that many of our celebrations as humans are happy and sad at the same time. We celebrate the passing of time with rejoicing for what has been accomplished or lived together and with regret for what can never come again. Still the “party” however small it may be helps to turn us from the effort and distraction of living back to a vision of life itself and that works for me.

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