Daily Chores Part 1

Routine daily chores are one of those things that I find very hard to accomplish. Partly this is because there are so many things I would rather do than housework and partly because getting preschoolers to do chores can be rather a lot like herding cats and I get frustrated with herding pretty quickly.

I do understand that daily chores are important for all of us though. Not just because we descend into chaos and squalor very quickly and then I REALLY can’t think straight but also for the positive character traits? and skills that chores teach.

A month or so ago I sat down and figured out what chores each of us (F. Su and I) should do at our three chore times (breakfast, lunch and late afternoon) and things go much more smoothly as long as I stick to the schedule. Those of you who know me know how hard that is for me.

Here’s what they are doing in the morning:

F: Clears the dishwasher (I do the sharp knives and things he can’t reach).

Starts a load of laundry (I set the machine and put in the soap), but he puts in the laundry and pushes the button.

Sweeps under the table and W’s chair (this is an area that still needs lots of training).

Puts away his pajamas and pulls up his blanket on his bed.

Su: Collects and brings down all of the cups and bottles from overnight and morning tea (she has trouble finding things so hopefully this will improve her skills)

Clears and wipes the table, wipes the boosters and W’s highchair.

Puts away her nightgown and tidies her bed (with help)

Me: Assist as needed, load the dishwasher, do the rest of the sweeping and keep everything moving.

After they do their chores they can put a magnet by the chore on their chart and when all of them are complete they play until school, while I do other chores.

If I can be disciplined it goes well and a lot gets done but if I have a good book available or the computer is on, forget it.

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