Early Rising

This week I went back to a schedule that works well for us but is completely unnatural for me! I started getting up at 5:30 am and waking the children at 6 am if they weren’t awake yet. It really does make the whole day flow better to have that half hour of quiet to journal, read the Scriptures for the day and pray. I am tired out by evening but it’s not too bad if I can manage at least a 30 minute lay down during nap time (and I did manage that four days this week).

S and I have been trying to be very strict about getting to bed by 9:30 too instead of staying up to talk until we are both too tired to function well in the morning. Our talking time is a little curtailed and that is one of the things we both have valued about each other since we first met, so we’re going to have to be more intentional about date nights in order to compensate.

By getting up earlier I accomplish the following:

  • I’m more awake when the children get up which means I can deal with them more easily, although S still does most of the parenting (especially of the little boys) between 6 am and 7 am.
  • The children have a consistent wake up time, which should result in better bio-rhythms and means the big children can have their devotional time in the morning, with some guidance from me since I’m more awake by then.
  • I’m actually getting some blogging done in the mornings which has always been a good time for me to write but I haven’t had time for.
  • We’re able to start school at 8:30 am having done chores, eaten breakfast and gotten some outside play-time.
  • Jack is ready for his nap around 9 am which is one less distraction for the schoolchildren.
  • I moved nap time back from 12:30ish to 2:00ish and added in more outside play and another chore period after lunch. This means everyone is really ready to rest, which means I can also get a little nap.
  • Altogether I’m very pleased with the changes. School went very smoothly this week, despite Mouse being sick on Thursday and my being sick on Friday (we pulled out art supplies and had a free art day, and they did a lot of building with blocks). Hopefully I’ll have the discipline to continue with this until it becomes a habit.

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