Early Spring?

Supposedly the groundhog didn’t see his shadow on Saturday and we are due for an early spring! I sure hope so, as at least one child has been sick every week since Christmas and that is starting to get a bit old…

Last week I think the older two (maybe Bull too?) had a mild case of the flu (am I ever thankful that they had vaccines!). Low-grade fevers that lasted for several days, lethargy, heavy coughs, no appetite, achy and wanting to be held. Jack was teething too and in the midst of this Bull decided to potty train himself!

Needless to say we didn’t do much schoolwork so this week we will be playing “catch-up” as well as attempting to re-establish our routine of chores, school, projects and play.

It does look like we are in for some warmer weather, always a plus, the children do so much better at everything when I am able to give them several 1/2 hour or longer periods of intense physical activity. When the weather is at all decent I try to send them out to ride bikes or run around the block as soon as breakfast and chores are over (before school), their brains seem to function much better after even ten minutes of fresh air and exercise.

If we can get into a good early morning rhythm then I will try to transition that “free exercise” time for them into a half hour or so of garden time for me as the weather improves. I suspect my brain would work better too.

Anyway, I’m starting to get garden fever and think about what I want to plant where this year. Here’s to an early spring! Thinking of warm weather and sunshine Makes My Monday!

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2 Responses to Early Spring?

  1. Kay Malone says:

    If you like spinach, I hae a suggestion we have used for an all weather crop. Ask if iterested. Congrats to Bull and you!!!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      We love spinach and I’m thinking it’s about time to put some of my early greens into the front garden. Since there’s still cilantro growing there despite all the cold!!!…K

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