Heard Around Here

W to J who was having tummy time on the floor:

W: “This is a dump truck, J, this is two dump trucks. This is a front-end loader.” (parks the vehicles in front of J and goes and gets two pieces from his construction vehicles puzzle, comes back and shows them to J). “These are two front-end loaders. One, two, three.”

(turns to me)“My J looking at front-end loaders.”

Me: “I thought he was tiny baby J.”

W: “Not tiny baby J. My J.”

Each of the children has one or two little songs that we’ve either made for them or that we heard and thought fit them well. There was much concern from the big children that J didn’t have any songs yet. We pointed out that the songs were characteristic of the child, and that we didn’t know much about J yet. They said that we did know some things about him: he sleeps, makes dirty diapers, and “drinks ‘mama-milk'”.

Now he has his own song….

Singing to W last night while S was putting the others to bed. He gets three songs and some rocking:

Me: Swing low Sweet chariot, a coming for to carry me home. Swing low sweet chariot a coming for to carry me home (glance down at W who has a little sparkle in his eyes) I looked over Jordan and what did I see…

W: A purple cat! (wild giggles)

Yes, he loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? but he also has a great sense of comedic timing and the importance of a punchline!


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