So What Am I Thankful For?

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The past few days I’ve really been struggling with attitude. Not the children’s but mine. Although I know that I should be thankful and that I have many things to praise God for I haven’t been able to force those words past my lips. I have half heartedly called out for grace to be thankful and to praise but I haven’t really wanted to let go of my “grumps”.

Truthfully I think some of it is being tired and some of it is the weather changing from warm to cold, since yesterday it was warmer and today I feel in a much better mood. And some of it I’m sure is from neglecting to do the planning that I need to do on Sunday afternoons for the week ahead and losing track of what I’m trying to do, while reading things by wonderful creative people and wondering why I don’t have the time to do these things…

Anyway…none of these things are excuses. As a mother I need to watch my mood since it effects the rest of the family so much. It’s just where I think I am right now.

Yesterday I did do some of that planning, even though I wanted a nap. And today my prayer for grace isn’t half hearted. Today by God’s grace I’ll tackle the laundry and get the week off to a good start remembering to be thankful for:

  • responsible children
  • warm days to give us a break from cold and grey
  • gatherings with friends and family
  • people who are more organized than I to inspire and encourage me
  • friends who plan to come help me organize
  • healthy children who love each other
  • and many more…
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    1. Stacie says:

      Oh, I’ve SO been there. But the heart to do better is where it all begins…

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