Trying to Organize…Again!

I’ll be the first to admit that organizing and staying organized are not my strong suit at all. I recognize the importance of organizing and I like the feeling of being organized but find the discipline of staying organized nearly impossible. Every so often I clean up the office/schoolroom, the children’s bedroom and toys, or the pantry only to find that within a couple of weeks it has disintegrated into chaos again!

Part of this is of course that there are parts of housekeeping that I plain don’t like and put off for as long as possible (great example for the children I know). Laundry tends to? drag on from day to day because I really don’t like folding it or putting it away (although F is getting pretty good at putting away a lot of it). Yet having laundry hanging around the house makes me feel like the whole place is cluttered and dirty. I get discouraged and want to just hide out with a book, and the downward spiral continues.

At least the public rooms/downstairs get basically cleaned up on Tuesdays when we have our weekly Open House/Supper…sadly too often at least part of the cleaning up is done by “hiding ” stuff upstairs!

That’s what happened this week with the unfolded laundry so here it is Thursday and I’m still folding stuff that was washed on Tuesday…AAARRGGH.

I keep getting rid of stuff which does make things easier, but still find housework drives me nuts…

I understand that part of my calling is to bring order from chaos and teach the children to do the same. To build an oasis and a refuge for the family, and our friends. A place to refresh and rejuvenate in order to go out into the world once more. A haven, and a place of peace and beauty, if only I could accomplish that with as much grace as I’d like to….

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