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Ten Tips for Cooking with Preschoolers

One of the things that we really enjoy doing with the children is cooking. They have been “helping” in the kitchen since they were old enough to sit in the highchair and I get a private chuckle every time we … Continue reading

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Ten Thoughts on Beginnings

With the end of Ordinary Time and the beginning of Advent on Sunday I am thinking a good bit about beginnings and endings and their intersection. I used to think that beginnings and ending happened rarely but I starting to … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons I Love Teaching My Children

I always said I wasn’t going to homeschool. I wasn’t (and still am not) satisfied that homeschooling exclusively gives children the kind of social interactions they need to develop into fully rounded community members. Even in a large family there … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Why Practice Hospitality?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. We host a weekly open house supper for neighbors, folks from church, people from S’s office and others and while we enjoy it does really shape our week to a large extent. … Continue reading

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Thoughts as F Starts School

  Today is the day. F has been waiting with increasing anticipation to start school, and in a few hours we will be taking him over for his first morning of Junior Kindergarten Four at one of the local Episcopal … Continue reading

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Ten Ways To Help Preschoolers Participate in Church

Although some weeks don’t always go as well as others, the big kinder really do pretty well with sitting in and participating in church. They know that church is important for them too and not just something that we do … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Restart a Bad Day (Turning Things Around)

Since my theme for the week is turning, here are ten ways to turn a bad day into a good one (or at least a better one). Pray for Grace: Right away in the middle of everything else, stop and … Continue reading

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Ten Work Motivators

One thing that often makes it difficult for children to work effectively is parents and teachers expecting them to interact with the job like an adult. The truth is that adults have learned to work at a task whether they … Continue reading

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