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Of Yearning and Discontent

This first week of Lent has hit me hard.? I’m short tempered, discouraged and fairly certain that we are going to be going around in the same old circles for the next million years. Rationally I know that’s really not … Continue reading

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Fewer Words, More Slowly

Lately I’ve been noticing a worrisome trend around here. We have a lot going on as is typical for the end of the school year; special events, birthdays, annual doctor visits, and dentist appointments all seem to come within a … Continue reading

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Waiting For Obedience Before Moving On

One of the lessons that seems to be most difficult for my bigger children is understanding that they need to obey in the little things before we can move on to other (often good) things they feel like doing in … Continue reading

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Changes, Changes

I find blogging somewhat difficult (actually pretty much impossible) when there is stuff going on in our lives that I’m not yet free to share! It’s not always the reason I get quiet, sometimes life just happens and sometimes (rarely) … Continue reading

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Beginning Again: Preschool Part 2 (Five Little Ducks)

Part One One of the things I have come to realize about Bull’s learning style is that he is much more kinetic than his siblings. Although he was slow to crawl and walk due to stomach surgery at 2.5 months, … Continue reading

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Beginning Again: Preschool

It is constantly amazing to me how different the children are from one another! To be sure, there are a great many things that are remarkably similar and few people who looked at them would have any doubts that they … Continue reading

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Silly Putty

As I’ve mentioned before one of the things that is very difficult for F is making transitions from one activity to another. He has a “one-track mind” and once he is set on something it is very hard for him … Continue reading

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A Day Of Blessings?

Some days don’t begin so well…. Yesterday actually started going badly about 10:30 on Wednesday night when Su came and climbed into bed with us. Usually this means she’s had a bad dream. She comes in, snuggles for a few … Continue reading

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Ten Thoughts on Beginnings

With the end of Ordinary Time and the beginning of Advent on Sunday I am thinking a good bit about beginnings and endings and their intersection. I used to think that beginnings and ending happened rarely but I starting to … Continue reading

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As The Year Turns

Funny, the way we mark out our calendars into years- the school year, the fiscal year, the calendar year and increasingly important to me the church year. I read several blogs by rabbis and recently have been reading and thinking … Continue reading

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