Transitions:Spring Break

F was having a hard time this morning. Feeling needy and threatened by his younger siblings. Fussing and having fits over little things that normally wouldn’t be an issue. Obviously trying to be cheerful but waffling back and forth.

“What’s going on with him?” we asked each other.

Then it dawned on us- Spring break for his school is next week. He’s been eagerly anticipating it. To the point of telling me last night that when he grew up “I’ll always have spring break.”

“Only teachers and students get spring break.” I explained

“Then I’ll be a teacher. I’ll teach people about reptiles, so I can have spring break.”

(inward giggle)

But no school for a week is a change in routine. Changes in routine are very unsettling for him. Even though we’ve been talking about doing a bunch of different things this coming week. I think I’d better keep it pretty normal….

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