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Invitations to Play and Learn: Snowflakes With Chalk

  One thing that I love about the “project table” in the corner of the living room is the ability it gives me to present art or craft projects and then see how the children interact with them! I’m trying … Continue reading

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Loose Parts and Project Space (Invitations to Play and Learn)

  With the coming of cooler weather I recently moved the children’s play table into the living room from the back porch. Our living room runs across the whole front of the house and bringing the able in gave me … Continue reading

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Work Trays : A Montessori Tool That Works Well In The Homeschool Classroom

When I started homeschooling six years ago it was easy. The eldest child and I sat at the table while his sister took her morning nap and we did his lessons. He was (and is) a very focused individual who … Continue reading

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“Review Week”

A few years ago I started planning a week “off” into the lesson plans for the year. At the time, we were schooling year round and it made sense to take a week every six weeks, for extra errand running, … Continue reading

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Of Hectic Schedules, Activities, and Life in a Circus

Hmmph! Seems like a long time since I sat down to type here. Actually…it has been a long time…a couple of months at least and that last post was rather short. Life has been busy, no doubt (and more on … Continue reading

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Picking Curriculum: Or Why I Start Thinking About September in February!

    Lately (for which I am very thankful) school has been going remarkably smoothly. We took a bunch of time off in December due to holidays and sickness and finished out 2014 by moving the schoolroom upstairs from the … Continue reading

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Invitations to Play and Learn: Letter B Fine Motor Activities

I recently added another young preschooler to our school days and have had the opportunity to become much more intentional with my work with Jack. I’ve been wanting to work more with him for a while and adding A (she’s … Continue reading

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Kitchen Kids: Preschoolers and Kindergartners Can Cook!

  Recently my most avid kitchen helpers have been the toddler and the five year old. Partly this is a matter of interest and partly it is a result of the bigger two consistently having either chores or schoolwork to … Continue reading

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Invitations To Play And Learn: Work Trays

One of the things that I have learned over time is that limits improve children’s interactions with the materials around them. Over the past several months I’ve been trying to include limits as natural guides in our learning spaces. One … Continue reading

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An Easy Learning Toy For The Toddler

  With Christmas quickly approaching the children are trying to make gifts for one another and their friends. Of course they aren’t very good yet at matching their abilities to their imaginations and desires to make things so most of … Continue reading

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