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Tweaking the Schedule

Now that all of our traveling is over for a while, we’ve jumped back into “full-time” school! F is just beginning second grade (about 40 lessons in) and Su is just finishing first (about 40 lessons left) and W is … Continue reading

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Silly Putty

As I’ve mentioned before one of the things that is very difficult for F is making transitions from one activity to another. He has a “one-track mind” and once he is set on something it is very hard for him … Continue reading

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A New Thing

Sometimes you know something isn’t working very well, but being in the situation means you can’t easily see the solution. We’ve known for a long time that our evenings after S got home from work weren’t satisfying either of us: … Continue reading

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Ahh…A Little Silence

I have so much to say and think about I thought I’d just pop in a short post whet your appetites… Recently (last weekend) attended the annual homeschool convention put on by our state organization. After two days of looking … Continue reading

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What a Week! What a Week!

Just nine days to go before #4 appears and all I can say is “I hope we’ve exhausted our share of surprises for a while.” Monday: The water pump went on the van as I was coming back from dropping … Continue reading

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Dividing the Time

F was on spring break from his preschool this past week and I decided it would be a good time to test our summer schedule! Since we do school at home year round there isn’t a whole lot of difference … Continue reading

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Transitions:Spring Break

F was having a hard time this morning. Feeling needy and threatened by his younger siblings. Fussing and having fits over little things that normally wouldn’t be an issue. Obviously trying to be cheerful but waffling back and forth. “What’s … Continue reading

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Digging Out

As usual when this space falls silent I’ve been up to my ears in projects and life! A stomach virus that took out everyone but S, a trip to my sister’s farm, a visit by all of S’s siblings and … Continue reading

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A Good Finish

The end of our first week back to regular schedules after the Christmas break. Some adjustments were necessary and the first few days were a little difficult (not helped by my having a slight cold). The first couple of days … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

Not that you could tell by looking at my bedroom- but I have spent a good deal of time planning and organizing this past week. S has been home and we’ve been trying to finish up some of those projects … Continue reading

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