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Unit Study: Explorers (Viking Coins and Marco Polo)

This past week the weather finely got warm enough for us to finish our viking “coins” I also had them write a couple of sentences about Leif Ericsson in their log books along with their own names spelled out in … Continue reading

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Create: Project Time

For quite some time I’ve wanted to have a regular space in our weekly schedule to work on projects with the older children. They both love to make things but aren’t yet old enough to do much unsupervised. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about needing to get back into a good chore routine and in particular needing to follow up and inspect to make sure the jobs were done well. I’ve been doing that for about … Continue reading

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Unit Study: Exploration- The Vikings

The first explorers we looked at were Eric the Red and Leif Ericsson. The children colored a page from their “Exploring the New World” coloring books, while I read to them. This counts as art as well as history, so … Continue reading

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Unit Study: Exploration of the New World- Log Books

Over the holidays we finished up our study of the 50 states and their capitals. The children seem to have enjoyed it although we lost momentum several times and weren’t able to be as in depth as I would have … Continue reading

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Winding Down to Christmas

School this fall has been a bit up and down. We got started nicely towards the end of August but then had a series of out-of-town trips, followed by a massive reorganizing project that took over our lives for about … Continue reading

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It Gets Easier

A year or so ago when W was approaching his second birthday and I was just entering my second trimester with J, I really wondered what it would be like to have four small children. Now I know. It has … Continue reading

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Behavioral Charting

One of the things that I find most difficult as a mother is being consistent with child-training. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much I train on an issue it is not getting better (and may be getting worse) … Continue reading

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Maryland Renn Faire 2012

Last Saturday Su and J and I went to the Maryland Renn Faire with some friends. F was supposed to go too but woke up with a stomach bug so he stayed home with S and W. Pin It

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The other week the children came in in great excitement with several “mellow worms” they had captured on the parsley plants. We put them into a large jar with some sticks and fed them quantities of parsley. I actually bought … Continue reading

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